Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Walls around the World - Wynwood

Something I have been missing a lot recently.... A good old TRAVEL post! So here is a little tale from the first stop on this 6 week adventure - Miami - home to the wonderful Walls of Wynwood!

Thanks to the 'Monocle Travel Guide to Miami' we were introduced to this artistic area, with many of the places on our to do list being part of this 'up and coming' neighbourhood. Panther Coffee was high on the list and started off our day just perfect (finally, a good cup of coffee, something greatly missed from Australia)! From here we went off exploring these brightly coloured walls, a street art exhibition from artists all over the world which has become a must see in Miami. Being the wanderer I am, the surrounding area also had to be explored where we discovered that actually, much to my delight, the whole neighbourhood had been coloured in!  The coffee and walls are not all colourful Wynwood has to offer, the day can continue on to some boutique shopping, craft beer hangouts and TACOS, yummy tacos!