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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Desert Wandering - U.A.E

Did someone say.... ROAD TRIP?? After nearly 3 years living in the UAE it was finally time to explore further than Dubai. So off we went. Starting out in Dubai heading up to RAK, driving through Diba and ending up in Fujairah overlooking Snoopy Island where we were to set up camp for the eve. From miles of desert to giant rocky mountains within an hour, I had no idea why it had taken so long to explore this side of the UAE. The one thing these pictures do not tell is the sweat we were dealing with on that day, our own fault really for travelling in the middle of summer! Nevertheless when you have the chance to explore, GO, you never know when it will come up again!  

Wearing: Desert Wanderer Playsuit by Spell Designs, Heart shaped glasses - vintage, 
Tan Sandals - Urban Outfitters