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Monday, 15 February 2016

The Azulik Dream - Tulum

Arriving to the scent of Copal, fresh rose petals and a bamboo built walkway was just the start to the Azulik dream. To then step foot into our first 'jungle set' villa to find; not only an indoor mosaic tub, an outdoor one too. Day one, of course, was spent in the latter - I think I have a thing for outdoor bathing! The following morning I awoke to a glistening pink shimmer, the whole sky was glowing pink - what an alarm clock, it had me out of bed in seconds. Obviously I changed this down to the beach to catch in full glory. 

The following day's spent bathing with coconut shells, enjoying the beach bar swings, walking high among the tree tops (coconuts at arms reach) were just as dreamy. One morning we had a Mayan couple ritual performed on us with the Copal, leaving us all zen. The peaceful paradise with it's special touches - just AMAZING! 

After hanging out here a few days, already in my complete element, everything was topped with the ultimate Birthday treat... An upgrade to what I can only describe as the most spectacular holiday home I have ever laid eyes on - Azulik's Paradise Villa. A place where I could have my desired 'easy Tulum style' birthday, a place I could happily stay all day long without a worry in the world, leaving only for margarita's from the beach bar. Here I got to relax, enjoy my love, my book and put myself in a total state of relaxation, is it any wonder its such a desire. Pictured above (mostly from this villa) the perfect stay in paradise leaving us itching to go back!

I honestly couldn't thank the sweet staff at Azulik enough for making this stay so special.