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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Washed Ashore - White Bohemian

Well I think these photos speak for themselves on how much of a dream this day was for me. A magical experience spent dressing up in my favourite clothing, floating around like a fairy whilst being snapped by the one and only 'In Search of this'. Set on the breathtaking shores of Fingal, Queensland showing me yet more stunning spots of this country I now call my home. If only more of my days could be spent like this, collecting shells and listening to the ocean whilst the wind plays with my masses of hair. Absolute bliss. A bohemian dream of mine really becoming reality and I really couldn't thank White Bohemian Store enough for asking me to do this. All clothing featured in this shoot is available online now, so many 'All white everything' pieces which we all know is my most loved style!

Wearing all: Cabo Gypsy - 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Road Trip part 3 - Noosa

The last leg of this mini adventure, Noosa. A day spent climbing tree's, getting bashed around by the aggressive waves and generally just having the sort of fun you have as a child. These sort of days are always needed, the non serious kind full of silliness. They lift my spirit to the highest and always seem to bring good prospects into my life. This whole trip did exactly that, it was just what I needed to get my head around this new life of mine and set me off to a good start in Australia. 

Wearing: Overalls and Bralet - Spell Designs ( my latest purchases from Byron of course) Valley Eyewear Sunnies - General Pants, Tan Sandals - Urban Outfitters.