Monday, 25 August 2014

City Bohemian - Brooklyn

The one question I can't stop asking myself.. How has it taken me so long to visit Brooklyn? Boy, have I been missing out. First stop - Brooklyn Flea Market, a place where I found myself  in my absolute element. Jam packed Vintage stalls at their very best. My personal favourite, La Poubelle Vintage which was set in a caravan alongside the rustic letter store where I obviously purchased L, O, V and E! Shopping, discovering and walking (the Brooklyn Bridge) are some of my favourite things to whilst enjoying the city life! 

Wearing: Free People Dress - Free People, Staring at Stars Hat - Urban Outfitters,
 Black Tassel Boots - Topshop

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Copenhagen Calling

This was one of those days where I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude. Due to a last minute change of schedule it was time to explore Copenhagen, a city I had yet to tick off. What a pleasant surprise! From the moment I entered the hotel room, which had views of the river where the locals were enjoying this summers day to the fullest and jumping into the river, my energy levels were raised. With my new fujifilm and map at the ready off I go exploring Copenhagen. What did I find? That this city really is equipped with it all, from riverside trampolines to pop up river view bars feeding you wine and cheese (my favourite) and to top it The little Mermaid - my favourite Disney character! Ah, am I grateful for my job right now!!!!! Thank you!!! 

Wearing: Lilac leather skirt - American Apparel, Chiffon Blouse - H&M, Same old Black boots and Backpack