Monday, 13 April 2015

Wear me, White - Sydney

So I thought it would be fun to set myself a little project based on my love for dressing in white. How much white can one really wear? So my next few outfits will be made up primarily of white to see how versatile you can really be with such a simple colour. So here is outfit number one, we had to start with a good one didn't we?! This top named 'Charlottes Web' purchased at one of my favourite Bondi stores 'Museum'. A store with my perfect colour palette. Neutral. 

Also taking an insight into my new Sydney life which I am yet to write about. Seeing what I now do with myself after giving up being a professional globe trotter and what exactly I gave it up for. On this occasion, a Tuesday evening, it was a cliff side walk stopping off on a bench to eat (in true British style) Fish and Chips. Unhealthy night of the week, check! Admiring the broken sky along with the crashing waves has to be one of the simplest things to do with the most benefits. Bondi life, you got it! 

Wearing: Webbed top - Museum, Windsor Smith Sandals - General Pants. 

Take two - An old favourite with a twist. Back to front is always a good option to try (unless its backless, maybe even then, who knows?) My good old faithful Urban Outfitters kimono worn as an cover up with nearly everything!  Today I went for a different option, back to front. I must say I am pretty impressed with the amount of looks I've gained from this one Kimono.

This day was slightly more adventures.. Spending the afternoon hanging about the harbour and the evening opening my eyes to what Coogee has to offer. I swear there is magic in the air around the Opera House, the atmosphere there is the best. A go to place for me that will always bring a smile to my face and remind me when I moved here (if I ever need reminding that is). 

Wearing: Back to Front Kimono - Urban Outfitters, Windsor Smith Sandals, Valley Eyewear shades.

Super simple today as I run regular errands. Washed out denim keeping it beach ready whilst mixing it up to the regular look I usually go for. Super simple description to go with the easy day. What I like best - Simplicity. Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

Wearing: Topshop White Washed Overalls, Slim Converse in White (obviously)

We all have a favourite dress don't we. Well this is mine, it has been featured on here before when adventuring in Washington D.C. back in summer 14 and it is still one of my favourites. It must be the simplicity. Clean, high-low simple white tee dress. 

Just another day wondering the cliff tops of Bondi. This time more to the North side (another favourite) where there is much more of a drop. Careful, not too close to the edge. 

Wearing: Truly Madly Deeply white tee dress - Urban Outfitters, New fav sandals - General Pants

Pretty dresses in pretty places. You simply cannot go wrong with a pretty white dress, frills adding just that little extra. My latest Arnhem purchase worn to one of the most beautiful spots in Sydney - Gordon's Bay. I have wrote about this natural beauty before when dreaming of Sydney, now it's just a picturesque 5k walk away from my house. Winning.  When needing a pitt stop from a run one morning I struck gold. The most perfect hidden spot overlooking the whole of the bay conveniently set up with a large washed out bench. To the person who made up this area - Thank you! 

Wearing: Arnhem dress - Arnhem Clothing, Valley Eyewear Shades.

Next up; 90's baby.. Cutting it by just 24 days. Thanks Mum. Another oldie of my wardrobe that just hasn't worn off, this 90's Minkpink printed tee. Being introduced to yet another of Sydney's hot spots - Paddington Reservoir Gardens. What a quirky little hang out they are.

Wearing: Minkpink tee - Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell boots - Apex shoes.

Okay 6 outfits in and even though I have many more white outfits up my sleeve I'm ready for a different colour. White is definitely a colour to be worn in the sunshine (most of my white attire is anyhow) and unfortunately the weather on the 7th day turned extremely grey, sad face. This has also taught me of how I like my outfit to match my mood, which may not necessarily be screaming out for white. However, white is and always will be my favourite colour to wear. Just like summer is my favourite season!

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